Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair

Waxing is no longer a “mystery” hidden in the back room of the local beauty salon. People in today’s society have become more open about their personal grooming preferences and the importance of style, physical appearance and good hygiene. On top of being smooth and feeling sexy for several weeks, waxing establishes healthier, cleaner skin, plus it contributes to maintaining a more hygienic private area. When combined with proper exfoliation, waxing helps to prevent, and in many cases eliminate, ingrown hairs and razor bumps caused by shaving. As you maintain a regular waxing routine, your hair will become thinner, softer, and finer than before.

Waxing requires a short appointment every few weeks to maintain beautifully radiant, hair-free skin! Because it removes the entire hair follicle from the root, hair stays away for weeks at a time. No more stubble, razor burn, red bumps or any of the other side effects that normally arise from shaving.

The best part is that you no longer have to waste time shaving! Waxing is much more efficient and will fit into your busy schedule with ease. Alira Med-Spa offers waxing services for both men and women.

Hair-free skin!



Chin – $20+

Ears – $20+

Eyebrows – $25+

Neck – $20+

Nose – $20+

Sideburns – $25+

Upper Lip – $20+

Full Face – $70+

Back, Chest and Stomach

Back – $85+

Back (lower) – $35+

Chest – $85+

Shoulders – $50+

Stomach – $30+


Arms – $65+

Under Arms – $30+

Bikini Area

Bikini – $50+

Brazilian – $85+

Buttocks – $40+


Legs – $90+

Legs (half) – $60+

Toes – $12+

Full Body

Body (full) – $500

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