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Membership packages

Monthly Discount MembershipVIP PLUS ⬜
$124/per month
(12-month contract)
$194/per month
(12-month contract)
ADD-ON 50 min Glo2Facial by Geneo
Revive/ Glam/ Hydrate/ Detox/ Illuminate/ Balance
The latest facial technology on the market offering a unique combination of Oxfoliate™ with O2 bubbles, amplify LUX via our lite ultrasound, and detox via lymphatic massage.
ADD-ON 80 min Glo2Facial by Geneo$160$90
50 min Alira’s VIP Facial / 50 min Body Massage80 min Alira’s VIP Facial
Includes Advanced Chemical Peel
UPGRADE 80 min Body Massage OR Facial$70Included
Gift Credit to Family/ Friends
Family + Friends Discount
ADD-ON Dermaplaning$75$70
ADD-ON Advanced Chemical Peel
Jessner/ Lactic/ Glycolic
Med-Spa Services Discount10%20%
Laser Hair Removal Discount10%15%
Retail Purchase Discount5%10%
Discount on Wax ServicesN/A10%
TCA Skin Ceuticals Medical Grade Peel10%20%
VI PEEL5%10%
Roll Over Beauty Banking (Credit will not Expire)
1 month membership worth for every referral that
Enrolls as a Member

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Get 1 month membership worth for every referral that enrrolls as a


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