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Treat your mind, body, and soul

Body Treatments

Alira’s Diamond VIP Body Treatment & Massage

The Ultimate Treatment and Luxury

Using candlelight, relaxing music, and luscious fragrance, we will create a magical atmosphere that will enhance your massage by enveloping you in a “protective cocoon,” where time is no longer on your mind. Our trained therapist uses the latest in body buffing technology to exfoliate your entire body. Precious oils infused with the plant extract of your choice will be applied using an exclusive South American technique called “Maderoterapia.” This technique utilizes handmade wooden tools to further work, and then relax your muscles. This massage will leave your body at ease and your skin deeply nourished and satin-smooth.

$200/80 min

Goddess Ceremony

An aromatic and exhilarating massage inspired by the pampering of gods and goddesses. An exfoliating spiced marmalade scrub is followed by an energizing massage using smooth pebbles wrapped in aromatic bags soaked in warm oil. The body is enveloped in deep relaxation, the spirit soothed and the skin hydrated, soft and luminous.


Body Scrub and Warm Oil Stone Massage

This aromatic and exhilarating journey is inspired by rituals of Southeast Asia. An exfoliating spiced marmalade scrub will leave your body soft and touchable, and smooth pebbles soaked in warm oil will energize your skin*. The body is enveloped in deep relaxation, the spirit soothed, and the skin hydrated, soft, and luminous.

*This oil application is performed with soft and relaxing movements, with the aim to hydrate the body’s skin. For intense relaxation or massage, we suggest a full hour of aromatherapy or deep tissue massage*


Slimming Treatments

Anti-aging Phytomer Body Firming Wrap

During this treatment a highly active gel wrap is applied and then massaged in order to firm the skin, tighten tissues and combat skin slackening. Packed with Succharide protects and restructures the collagen and elastic fibers strengthening the skin and remineralizes the epidermis.

A total body massage provides a pleasant, refreshing finale to this experience. Leaving your body firmed and toned

Price: 80 minutes/ $350

Body Contour Treatment - Morpho Designer Phytomer

Treat yourself to a toned and moisturized body with this integral beauty experience by combining three major aesthetic actions in a single protocol: contouring, firmness, and skin quality. After a smoothing multi-exfoliation and a refining massage sculpts “dream contours” for perfect-looking skin.

 Price: 80 minutes/ $350

*A re-sculpted silhouette in a 3-treatment series