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Alira for Men

Men’s Facial Services

Score Smooth, Touchable Skin

Here at Alira Med- Spa & Salon, we understand that not all skin is created the same. That’s why we offer an exclusive collection of facial treatments that are specifically designed to meet male needs. Whether you want to fight signs of aging, tackle shaving-related issues such as razor burn, or brighten up dull, dry skin, we have just the skin treatment for you. Please call us today to schedule your facial!

Chamito's Facial

Inspired by the Venezuelan icon in Houston Jorge Alcala, this facial packs a powerful dose of peptides, Vitamin C, antioxidants, and firming collagen serum. Chamito’s Facial is a great way to prevent and repair the signs of aging. 


50 mins/ $150

80 min/ $300 (This 80-minute facial includes scalp massage)

Gentleman's Facial

A combination of essential oils and malt extract of Scotch Whiskey is worked into the skin during this relaxing massage to ensure deep hydration and relaxation. The skin is left clean and refreshed.


50 min/ $150

Back Facial

This treatment is perfect for targeting those tough-to-reach spots and helping skin issues such as clogged pores, back acne, and dehydrated skin. This treatment mimics many of the traditional techniques used while performing treatments for the face and incorporates deep cleansing, extractions, and purifying masks.


50 min/ $150

*Glycolic peels, Green peels, or Microdermabrasion are also available for back facials. Additional charge applies. Consultation will determine the specific treatment that would best suit your needs.

The Gentleman's Plus Facial

Essential oils and malt extract of Scotch Whiskey are combined with a series of relaxing massages to ensure deep relaxation. The skin is left bright, clean, and refreshed. 

 80min $300

*Elevate your senses through any of the following add on experiences: microdermabrasion, radiofrequency, lip & eye treatment, and/or any chemical peel. Click Here.

Hair-Free Skin

Men's Waxing

Remove Stubborn, Unwanted Hair

Waxing isn’t just for women! Alira Boutique Spa offers our professional waxing services for men all throughout Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. Whether you want to remove back hair, make your happy trail more refined, or get a silky-smooth, hair-free chest, we can help. Please call us today to schedule your waxing service!


Chin – $20+

Ears – $20+

Eyebrows – $25+

Neck – $20+

Nose – $20+

Sideburns – $25+

Upper Lip – $20+

Full Face – $70+

Back, Chest and Stomach

Back – $85+

Back (lower) – $35+

Chest – $85+

Shoulders – $50+

Stomach – $30+


Arms – $65+

Under Arms – $30+

Bikini Area

Bikini – $50+

Brazilian – $85+

Buttocks – $40+


Legs – $90+

Legs (half) – $60+

Toes – $12+

Full Body

Body (full) – $500+