BX Wrinkle Corrector


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This latest generation cosmetic product is for you if…
– You have botulinum toxin injections: use as a REINFORCEMENT of your injections
– You do not have injections: ALTERNATIVE to the injections to complete your anti-ageing program.
Kiss your expression lines good bye!
Use morning and evening. Using its high-precision applicator, apply the product directly to the affected areas in small dots, focusing on forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines around the eyebrows, naso-labial furrows.
Finish with light effleurage strokes or pinching movements. Follow with a suitable serum and cream.
10% dermo-relaxing peptide complex
To limit the facial micro-contractions that cause the appearance and permanence of expression lines and reproduce on the epidermis the same result as botulinum toxin on the skin through cosmetic action.

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