IPL for Acne

A gentle treatment that addresses both the p.acne bacteria, as well as the pigmentation and redness of your skin.The unique Lumenis® IPL technology utilizes light flashes over the treated area, triggering biochemical response that will eventually kill the bacteria within the pores. It will improve your skin appearance and gain your confidence back with just a few treatments.

How does it work?

The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is one of the most commonly administered form of light therapy in dermatological applications. IPL systems are designed to deliver many rapid, high intensity and controlled pulses of light.  The controlled pulsing prevents thermal damage to your skin and minimizes discomfort.

IPL technology allows to treat your acne with spe­cific wave­lengths of light which tar­get the bac­te­ria in the skin, as well as inflamed seba­ceous glands that con­tribute to break­outs.

IPL energy at var­i­ous wave­lengths is also used to selec­tively destroy pig­ment clusters, blood-filled cap­il­lary veins, or hair, depend­ing on the intended nature of the treatment.

What should I expect?

During the Lumenis® IPL Acne treatment, short pulses of intense light are emit­ted from an appli­ca­tor onto your skin. The light penetrates through various skin layers and helps killing acne bacteria and reducing the inflammation or sebum excess (skin oil) production that characterizes acne.

It will take a series of treatments in order to kill the bacteria, as per severity phase.

To achieve optimal results, it may take typically 4-6 sessions with a recess of 4 weeks in between treatments.


IPL for Acne
1 session


Courtesy of Matthew Knight, MD.

Courtesy of Matthew Knight, MD.

Courtesy of Matthew Knight, MD.

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