Benefits of corporal treatments

If you work-out, do diets but still don’t see the results you are looking for… corporal treatments are the answer to reach that goal. 

Corporal Treatments are a different method that will help you seek that physical appearance you are working for, bringing a better quality and self-esteem for yourself. 

There are different types of corporal treatments for different results, to start, you will bring to your aesthetician your concerns and what you want to modify, from there, your aesthetician will work with you and make a plan to achieve your goal. 

With corporal treatments you can achieve; to eliminate cellulites, volume reduction, eliminate/reduce stretch marks, loss of weight, improved skin tone, reduced wrinkles, varicose veins and more, achieving that natural look without spending more money with surgery. 


Alira Med-Spa Treatments

At Alira Med-Spa we believe in taking special care of your mind, body and soul, and we take this responsibility seriously since you walk into our Spa. 

Our professional and trained staff will walk you through the process from the reception to the end of the treatment. 

In Alira Med-Spa you’ll receive the latest in: 

-Maderoterapia, an exclusive South American technique that uses handmade wooden tools. 

Goddess ceremony, an exfoliating spiced marmalade scrub using smooth pebbles wrapped in aromatic bags soaked in warm oil. 

Body Scrub and Warm Oil Stone treatment, this aromatic and exhilarating journey is inspired by rituals of Southeast Asia. 

Anti-Aging phytomer body firming treatment, packed with Succharide protects and restructures the collagen and elastic fibers, strengthening the skin.

Body Contour Treatment, contouring, firmness and skin quality in one single protocol, decreased in volume of the silhouette with this treatment.

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